Serving Our Savior (SOS)


SOS (Serving our Savior) is a collaborative program here at South Fork. The program identifies, organizes, and assigns various small but meaningful “missions” for our church family. Services may include encouragement cards, visitation, in-home communion, visitor outreach, rides to appointments, food needs, outings, and any other need someone may have. SOS groups are led by group leaders and members volunteer to complete weekly missions for our church family and community members.

SOS is a unique program that allows our church members to highlight personal strengths and talents, while discovering new ways to serve our Lord and Savior. The strengths of this program are that missions are carried out weekly and large bodies of our members are involved on a regular basis. SOS is the perfect opportunity for our brothers and sisters to make a positive difference in the lives of our community members and church family.

Want to get involved?  Contact Chuck Downing through the church office.

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