Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

The South Fork Men’s Ministry is all about men spending time building relationships with their Christian brothers. Whether playing seasonal sports or enjoying a Saturday fishing at one of the Branch’s ponds, there’s always opportunities to join your brothers for some man time.

Softball / Basketball – The South Fork men enjoy a wide range of organized team sports together. There are approximate 20 men who enjoy playing softball in the spring as well as 12 who play winter basketball. During the fall you might even find a flag football game breaking out between the high school boys and the men who remember when.
Helping Hands Ministry – Many of the men are called upon to assist. Whether it helping someone move, painting a classroom or cleaning someone’s gutters, there’s never a shortage of men who are willing to help their Christian families in need.

Opening Their Homes – It’s not uncommon to find many of our men spending time in each other’s homes watching their favorite sport – NASCAR, Super Bowl, College Sports. There are even occasions when you might find the wives invited to share in the fun.

If you have any questions about the South Fork Men’s Ministry, please contact Jeff Trinh [email protected]

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