October 28

Over the past several months, South Fork has been engaged in several remodeling projects. I was glad to announce last Sunday that all the renovations have now been completed. Everyone would agree that the appearance of our church building and office has been updated and greatly improved. The “shine” is back in our building!

Here is a list of the areas we have renovated:

Moved Church Offices to House                                 Replaced 3rd Floor Furnace w/Gas
Remodeled Nursery                                                      Added a Nursing Mothers Room
Painted Foyer & Auditorium                                       Painted Hallway & Bathrooms
Remodeled Church Library                                         New Classroom Replaced Old Offices
Painted Family Center Foyer                                       Painted Family Center Portico
Installed New Columns                                                 Installed New Handrails
Extended Sidewalk to the Street                                 Installed New Doors at Front Entrances
Installed New Door Back Entrance                            New Awning at Back Entrance
Installed New Windows Auditorium                         Installed LED Lights in Auditorium
Replaced All Windows in Church                              Pressure Washed Sidewalks
Repaired Broken Sidewalk                                         New Vinyl Trim Above Columns

We have experienced a renovation of our church facilities, but what about the renovation of our spiritual lives? Renovating just our church building is meaningless unless God also renovates the church, which is us. God is pleased when His people want to renovate their lives, their families, and their marriages.

When we looked closely at the appearance of our building, the columns on the outside, the walls in the auditorium and foyer, the doors and porches, we quickly noticed they were in need of repair and even replacing. We need to keep an eye on our own spiritual life because like our building, it also will need an occasional renovation to restore our passion for serving God and the church.

May our prayer today be the same as the words written by the psalmist in Psalm 85:4-6:

“RESTORE us, O God of our salvation, and cause Your anger toward us to cease. Will You be angry with us forever? Will You prolong Your anger to all generations? Will You not REVIVE us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?”

Charley Belch

Associate Minister, Elder

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