September 30

Jerry and Lynn Jones were such a blessing to our church family. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue their wonderful ministry to families and churches all across our land.

It may be that while they were here you became aware of some difficulties in your life and relationships that you feel the need to get further help in handling. Of course you can speak to our shepherds and ministers about that, but let me also encourage you to give Gustavo Prato a call. Gustavo has a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Harding University and is a licensed counselor. And of course he is a wonderful brother in Christ and is right here in town as he ministers with our South Fork and Brewer Road churches and community. His phone number is 336-473-5164.

Please pray for Gustavo and Sheryl. Sheryl’s brother Jeff Stephens passed away unexpectedly this week in Nashville. And continue to remember Bessie Hairston in your thoughts and prayers as she continues to mourn the loss of her father.

Sunday evening we will have the opportunity to hear about the incredible good that our church does through the Summer Youth Camp program in Ukraine. We sent four of our ladies this summer to be part of Team Imagine. I hope you will be here for the inspiring story of this great ministry Sunday night after our singing.

As you know we are behind on our giving as a church, and you also know that our shepherds have called on us to be prepared on Sunday to make up that deficit. Many have been away quite a bit this summer, and our contribution totals from week to week confess that we have not been faithful in making that contribution up. That’s right, I used the correct word. This is a matter of faith. Few Scriptures in the Bible are as scary and as needed for our culture today as these words of Jesus:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21)

None of us would claim that we can be pleasing to God without a heart that is given over to Him. How do we know what’s in our hearts? How do I know where my heart is? Our Lord gives us the answer. Find what you value, acknowledge where your treasure is, and that will tell you where your heart is as well.

Jerry and Lynn said many wonderful things while they were here with us. As we look ahead to this much needed contribution, here is another of their one-liners:

“Some of us need to live more simply so that others may simply live.”

Are you seeking God’s kingdom first and foremost of all? Are you fulfilling the call to give cheerfully as you have been prospered? Has your giving become an afterthought? Where is your heart?

Bill Allen

Dr. Bill Allen preached at South Fork from 2005 to 2015. He received a Bachelors degree in Bible from Oklahoma Christian in 1978, a Masters in Bible from Abilene Christian (ACU) in 1988, and a Doctor of Ministry from ACU in 1992. He now preaches at the West Erwin Church of Christ in Tyler, Texas.

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